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ET BDC Clearomizer

While the standard bottom coil configuration is still popular in cartomizers today, more and more vapers are switching to the modern bottom dual coil (BDC) design for its much improved taste and performance. BDC clearomizers are not only a major upgrade in power because of the twin coils but they also offer the convenience of an adjustable airflow system and the low cost advantages of replaceable heads. Furthermore, the BDC setup is known to eliminate those leaks, gurgling noises, and uncomfortable draws that are often associated with bottom single coil tanks.

The Aspire ET BDC clearomizer is an excellent e-liquid delivery system that produces the true and pure taste of natural flavors with massive amounts of vapor. It comes in different colors to match any eGo style battery.

The Aspire ET BDC clearomizer is designed exclusively for eGo threaded devices.